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Hi folks!


We're house hunting full force to find a place to buy and ALL of our free time is eaten up by that, the house market is just super-crazy! I can say for sure by now that there will be no updates here in 2017. I WILL update again after we moved and everything, but currently I don't know where my head is, honestly.


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- What is this website about?

- Contact and Copyright Information

- Installation Info

- Tips, Tricks and Cheats

- If you came looking for the gifts by Hynotiq or Simtonic, you find them in the Furniture Objects category.




- Worum geht es hier?

- Kontakt und Urheberrecht

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- Tipps, Tricks und Cheats

- Wenn du wegen der Geschenke von Hypnotiq oder Simtonic hier bist, die finden sich in der Möbel Kategorie.



Link list of websites that gave generous permission to clone, recolour etc their objects and/or to use their meshes.

Linkliste mit Websites, deren Inhalte ich freundlicherweise umfärben, clonen etc durfte bzw deren Meshes ich benutzen darf.


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