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Downloads for the Sims1 computergame
What is this website about?

This website is all about the pc game The Sims by Maxis/EA. (Sims1, not Sims2-4.)

There are over 1,000 downloadable files to choose from to add variety and new content to your game. If you see something you like, you can download it by clicking on the preview picture. If you need more help, read the "Installation Info" article or the readme file that comes with each zip.


I engage in making fan content for The Sims since about 2004.

In the beginning I only made clothes and faces, then there was also wallpapers, floors and pets which got slowly followed by furniture, build objects and plants. By now I engage in the whole spectrum of fan content and my favourite themes are fantasy, medieval, faeries, Asia, Halloween, underwater, mystery,, completely weird stuff and overall I like wood and stone. I'm not a big fan of modern furniture or steel but still recolour such sets from time to time.

I have no fashion sense for modern clothing trend or make-up, so I leave these topics to those artists who know better about these tings.


Many of my objects have been transferred to hacked or more comfortable bases or they are x-in-1 deco. To make my own objects and mesh new skins are things I still want to learn.

Overall I simply make what I want to have in my own game and I love to share it with those who also find a use in it.


Have fun downloading and playing! ^_^