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Owner: Kerstin Veith-Szuplinski aka Eph
Adress: Rheintalstrasse 32, 53498 Bad Breisig, Germany
Contact: eph@ephralon.de


- May I make money from your downloads?

Selling my downloads on collection cds or digital archives anywhere or uploading them to any kind of website or service that requires payment is strictly forbidden. In short, any kind of commercial gain from my files is FORBIDDEN!

- May I upload your downloads elsewhere?


No, absolutely not. Any yes, I consider "here's a file with all the castles/fireplaces/whatever in my collection!" as the epitome of rude and that's exactly why I left the community.

- I'm a creator. May I...

... use your meshes?
Yes, if they are actually mine. Most downloads offered here use other people's meshes and you'll have to check the readmes for their conditions.

... modify your meshes?
Yes, if they are mine and not based on someone else's mesh. Once again, most meshes on this site are not mine at all, and many of my own are based on other meshes. You may modify them if you contact the original mesh maker and get their permission, too.

... recolour your skins?
Yes, unless the skin or object carries Seekers artwork, e.g. a Giselda logo on a shirt or a poster. If your version won't have that part of artwork, go ahead and recolour.
I know that most of my readmes state it differently (no recolouring allowed) but I reluctantely changed my mind to stop requests for heads with different eye colours. Please understand that I'm not willing to replace several hundred readme files to update that info.

... clone your objects?
Yes, you can clone my original objects. You can also clone any hacked or otherwise modified object that I made if the original creator is okay with it (you'll have to ask them yourself/read their policies). In case of original objects that are not Seekers characters you may use the graphics to create something different, e.g. use a plush bear object graphic to put it on a bookcase, but not use an Akshi plushie graphic. Seekers objects are marked as such.

A common rule for all of these actions: give credit where credit is due! To *everyone* involved, me as well as the creators that I listed in object descriptions/readme files. Also, any and all use on paysites is forbidden. If you plan to upload your creations to a paysite, to TSR or as a donation set or special forum gift, I deny you permission to use my stuff as a base. Period.
Sorry for all the "buts". The Sims community has its fair share of drama-queens, and as much as I'd like to just say "go ahead and modify whatever you want!", I don't want a gang of witchhunters going after you, and I'd appreciate a little bit of recognition for my artwork too.

- Are there only Sims1 downloads here?

Yes, that is the only game that runs in my virtual Windoze, although I'd LOVE to play Sims3 because it was so much fun on the PS3 and the pc version has so much more to offer.

- Can I request something?

Currently I don't take requests, sorry.